At The Academy, we encourage our students of all ages to believe in themselves and understand that with effort and hard work much can be achieved. As a team of teachers, it is our job to inspire, make connections and enthuse each child regardless of their individual level of learning.


One of our core aims is that every child at The Academy is able to read, write, speak and listen in such a way that it allows everyone to communicate effectively and confidently.


We deliver made-to-measure Maths which is very important if you want a pupil to succeed. With small class sizes, we continually adapt our curriculum to stretch or support our students.

We can inspire the whole class to love Maths concepts and real-life living Maths problem-solving.

Presentation Skills

No matter where you go and what you do, you need to be able to clearly communicate. The words you say and how you say it are very important. We focus on developing every student's speaking skills because when a student feels confident enough to communicate everybody listens.

Physical Education

Sport has a huge impact in developing healthy children; healthy in body but also in mind as we encourage teamwork, problem solving, peacebuilding and active participation within the local community.


Many schools focus upon reproduction of knowledge rather than allowing expression and different ideas to be heard. We embrace drama, music, singing, art, problem solving, film making, debating and innovation as society needs people who can think for themselves.

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is a theory that intelligence can be developed rather than something that is set in stone. Children at The Academy are taught to see tasks as challenges and that experience of failure is a vital component of  success. Positive thinking and positive affirmations are displayed in every classroom.


STEM is useful because it can change our world and our world depends on it. It is estimated that almost two and a half million jobs go unfilled every year because we do not have the right candidates. At The Academy we believe that science should be inspiring and interactive.


Studies have demonstrated that people who speak different languages are better at multitasking and attention focusing. While speaking a non-native language, you must also translate the words in your head; this requires a tremendous amount of focus. It is really important for us that our students learn the Portuguese language, so they can understand the Portuguese community, culture, habits and traditions.

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